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DAVID STRAIT, CFE., CFI. Owner of Advanced Private Investigations, Owner and Director of Investigations, is a former Law Enforcement Officer, Investigations Director, and served in the U.S. Army prior to launching Advanced Private Investigations in 1998. He is a Certified Fraud Examiner, and Certified Forensic Interviewer, and is licensed as a Private Investigator in California and Texas. Mr. Strait and his team are well qualified to successfully conduct a wide-range of investigations. 
ROB BROWNLEE, manager and senior investigator, is a former civilian criminal investigator and forensic criminologist, with over a decade in investigations, protection, and fugitive recovery experience.
Three reasons to feel secure and confident in the Advanced Private Investigations team: 1. We have a highly-trained team of investigators. 2. We use state-of-the-art surveillance technology and investigative techniques. 3. We're FAST, DISCREET, PROFESSIONAL and AFFORDABLE! Advanced Private Investigations has two office locations - one in California and one in Texas. We proudly serve clients across the United States. We have a dependable staff, ready to take your case. Put our experts to work for you! No case is too big or too small, give API a call. We offer a FREE phone consultation, so why wait? CALL NOW! (877) 259-2470.  You'll enjoy a comprehensive range of services from the team of private investigators at API. Whether your investigative needs are regarding business, domestic, or legal issues, our team can provide the services you need. We will help you get the job done! 
Ten Things You Might Not Know About GPS Tracking Systems

GPS tracking systems are more than handy gadgets for technical gurus.  They offer a host of useful features for business owners, families, and individuals.  Here are 10 things you might not know about GPS tracking systems. 

1. They are compact:  Today's GPS tracking systems are as compact as a small cell phone and can easily be tossed into the car, a briefcase or handbag.

2. They are easy to use:  GPS trackers are no longer complicated technical gadgets for computer savvy people only.  GPS tracking devices are as easy to use as any pager or cell phone.  In addition, GPS tracking software is now available as user-friendly online applications.

3. They solve crimes:  Thanks to GPS tracking software and cutting-edge GPS tracking capabilities, GPS tracking systems are solving crimes every day by quickly locating stolen merchandise and/or vehicles.

4. They work reliably in buildings and parking garages:  In years past, the capabilities of GPS tracking systems were often squelched by large concrete buildings and parking garages.  

5. They are perfect for personal safety:  GPS tracking systems are becoming widely used as personal safety devices.  

6. They will help you keep track of your teenager:  Worried by your teenager’s fast driving or late hours?  A GPS tracking device and GPS tracking software will allow you to see their location, and their speed at any time.

7. They save money for business owners:  GPS tracking devices assist business owners with fuel efficiency, employee monitoring, and security for vehicles and heavy equipment.

8. They are more affordable than ever:  Although once a luxury for those with large budgets, GPS tracking systems are now widely accessible for those with budgets of every size.  Constant developments in GPS tracking technology and increased demand are making GPS tracking systems more affordable every day.

9. They are customizable:  GPS tracking systems are now fully customizable to meet the diverse needs of business owners.  These features include customized mapping and software capabilities.

10. They work from anywhere on Earth:  Today's quad-mode GPS tracking systems and GPS tracking software allow fast, accurate and reliable GPS tracking from anywhere on the planet.

4 Types of GPS Tracking Systems 

When choosing GPS tracking systems, it's important to understand the basic types of GPS tracking systems and how they work.  Read below to find out more about 4 common types of GPS tracking systems.

Hardwired GPS Tracking Devices
Hardwired GPS tracking systems are typically used in vehicles.  These GPS tracking systems utilize the power of the vehicle's battery for operation.  With the brain of the unit hidden under the hood or your dashboard, these GPS tracking systems sometimes come with antennas that must be attached to the vehicle.

GPS Loggers
GPS loggers are GPS tracking systems that are used to record information to be retrieved at a later date.  For example, a GPS logger can be used to track a vehicle or a shipment, but the information cannot be retrieved from the GPS tracking system until it is manually uploaded to a computer.  These are also known as passive GPS tracking systems.

Personal GPS Trackers

Personal GPS trackers are GPS tracking systems which look like small cell phones.  They’re designed to be handheld, clipped to a belt, or tossed in a purse for individual use.  GPS tracking systems for personal use are often purchased for the purpose of personal protection for adults and children.  Many personal GPS tracking systems include a panic button for quickly alerting family or authorities in emergency situations.

Real-Time GPS Tracker

Real-Time GPS trackers are GPS tracking systems which continuously transmit information so that users can track their location all the time.  Real time GPS tracking systems are highly-sophisticated and require the use of tracking services and GPS tracking software.  With real time GPS tracking systems, satellite mapping is used to show the location of the GPS tracking devices.

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CA. P.I. Lic. #20963   TX. P.I. Lic. #A03046701
TX. P.I. Lic. #00315798
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